Hoppstock plays Paganini

Caprice No. 17 from Op. 1
composed by Niccolò Paganini (1782-1840)
performed by Tilman Hoppstock

The first track from his Werke Für Gitarre (Buy@Amazon) album… A remarkably bold recording by the great German master Tilman Hoppstock. It’s unbelievable how he’s able to create expressive dynamic shapes and contrast the character as needed while maintaining such intensity and velocity.

*** It has been brought to my attention by Roger that this track is also found on Tilman’s new album Great Studies for Guitar (Buy@Amazon).

If you enjoyed this recording, please support and respect the artist’s work by purchasing the recording.

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17 Comments on “Hoppstock plays Paganini”

  1. Douglas says:

    Really fantastic playing by Hoppstock…

    Germany is really incredible in terms of classical guitar guitar.
    There are so many top performers, luthiers, festivals from Germany…

    Off the top of my head:
    Performers: Tilman Hoppstock, Stephan Schmidt, Franz Halász, Hubert Käppel, Thomas Müller-Pering, Michael Tröster, …

    Luthiers: Eberhard Kreul, Mario Gropp, Joachim Schneider, Matthias Dammann, Gernot Wagner, Karl-Heinz Römmich, Kolya Panhuyzen, Bernhard Kresse, Frank-Peter Dietrich, …

    Festivals: Koblenz Guitar Festival, Guitar-Symposium Iserlohn, Nürtingen Guitar Festival, …

  2. Douglas says:

    A really good performer who’s performed the Caprice 17 live is Alexey Zimakov:

    And Meng Su has a very good recording of the 24th Caprice:

  3. @Douglas – Yeah Germany is really a hotbed for classical guitar! I’ve always wanted to go there in the summer for one of those festivals.. The line ups are alway so amazing! Maybe in a few years…

    • Roger says:

      Yeez!! The lineups in Germany are truly incredible… It changes every year, but this year I’ll try go to Koblenz or Iserlohn!
      … should still check the prices of plane-tickets: http://www.checkfelix.com/

      I know some guys who go to Germany during Summer! You can really give your CV a boost… participating in Masterclasses with worldclass performers 😉

    • Andrew says:

      Don’t wait to go. German festivals are the best.

      And it’s about the fun social atmosphere there! You meet friendly people from around the world!
      Many young people around: students and amateurs.

      Some pro’s are actually very approachable. Have a chat or clink glasses with guys like Hoppstock, Dukic and others…

      Always a lot going on… guitar sounds from everywhere. Certainly a learning experience also.

      After evening concerts people go out for some drinks. Summer anyway!

      Great friendly atmosphere! Just go for it.

      • Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go this summer cause it’s already quite full (teaching until mid-June, volunteering at the GFA, teaching for two weeks at a music camp, then going to Korea to visit family and possibly play some concerts!). I used to go out every year for the Acadia festival in Nova Scotia, Canada, which was discontinued a few years back. It was run by the Amadeus Duo and was basically a miniature version of Iserlohn. I really miss that festival!

      • Federico Y. says:

        Hi Sungmin!

        I’ve read you’re going to Korea to visit family and possibly play some concerts.

        Very nice.

        What’s the (classical) guitar scene like in Korea? Are there many players, or people interested in it?


      • I haven’t been back in quite some time (I think something like 9 years) and the last time I went I wasn’t quite a classical guitarist, so I couldn’t give you an exact answer… However, from what I can tell based on internet resources/forums, the guitar scene in Korea is quite thriving. Many young phenomenal guitarists are emerging from there, many of whom have gone back there after studying abroad and also many amateurs, guitar lovers, and luthiers in general.

  4. Roger says:

    @Sungmin – By the way: Hoppstock’s Caprice 17 (exact same recording) can also be found on Hoppstock’s album “Great Studies for Guitar”.


    (You may wish to update your blog-text above)

    • Roger says:

      Oh god, does that link to Amazon turn out ugly. Sorry, this was not my intention… that looks horrible. I didn’t know that wordpress does transformation

      (if you like you can delete this and my previous post and just update the blog-text, alerting readers of “Great Studies for Guitar” album)

    • Thanks for letting me know about this! I wasn’t aware of this new recording.. looks amazing! I’ve updated the original post above.

  5. Hubert Wessel says:

    On Eugen Drabynka’s youtube channel… you can find some recent performances by Hoppstock interpreting Allan Willcocks:


  6. George says:

    Great player!!

    Hoppstock is of course included in the following list of best classical guitar players.

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