Russell plays Handel

Suite No. 7 in g minor, HWV 432 – VI. Passacaille
composed by George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)
transcribed and performed by David Russell

A superb transcription of G. F. Handel’s Passacaille from his Suite for Keyboard No. 7 HWV 432 by David Russell. This is taken from one of Russell’s earlier recordings that is very difficult find. In fact, I could only find one copy (not even new!) on Amazon and it looks like it’s going for $95.25!!

***It has been brought to my attention by Hubert Wessel that this recording is actually available from the GHA label website.***

Although I’m a huge fan of his more recent recordings, I find his earlier recordings to be very attractive. I find them to be more visceral and have a more youthful virtuosity to them. Regardless, this recording is full of those signature David Russell cross string trills and the refined expressive qualities you’ll find in any of his recordings.

If you enjoyed this recording, please support and respect the artist’s work by purchasing the recording if possible.

*copyright disclaimer* The Plucker Report does not own the rights to this audio file and has not been specifically authorized to use the file by the copyright owner. However, it is assumed that this usage is in accordance with what constitutes ‘fair use’ under Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107 of US Copyright Law. The usage is not for profit and for educational purposes with the intent of sharing the existence of this work to the general public.

6 Comments on “Russell plays Handel”

  1. Hubert Wessel says:

    There is a video where Russell is also playing this Händel work.
    See tracktime 6:10 ->

    A very nice video of David Russell live, is the following… where he also does those superb crossstring trills:

  2. Hubert Wessel says:

    Usually one can find CDs at the record label… in this case the work is on the GHA label:

  3. Hubert Wessel says:

    Enno Voorhorst also plays some stunning Händel:

  4. No problem! I’ll try to do my best!

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