Cobo plays Brouwer

Danza característica (Quítate de la acera)
composed by Leo Brouwer (b. 1939)
performed by Ricardo Cobo (wiki)

Brouwer Guitar Music Vol. 1 was among the first guitar CD’s that I acquired during my high school days. Coming from an electric guitar background with a healthy dose of rock music in the mix, this disc was something I could easily identify with. I can remember as if it were yesterday… I would blast this CD in my car stereo thinking it was the greatest/coolest thing to do.

Now about 8 years later, I still very much appreciate this recording, but certainly with a different perspective. My ears have opened up more to the subtleties of Cobo’s interpretations. I especially value his nuanced rhythmic control and the tasteful use of dynamic shaping and accentuation. Danza característica is of course a fine example.

If you enjoyed this recording, please support and respect the artist’s work by purchasing the recording (Amazon – CD and MP3).

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4 Comments on “Cobo plays Brouwer”

  1. fandan says:

    Brouwer has recorded numerous of his works himself: Brouwer’s recordings

    See also

  2. Ricco says:

    Regarding modern composer for the guitar…
    have you heard Marek Pasieczny?

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