Romero plays Rodrigo

Tres Pequeñas Piezas – III Pequeña Sevillana
composed by Joaquín Rodrigo (1901-1999)
performed by Pepe Romero

Taken from the album The Art of Pepe Romero, this is the third of Rodrigo’s Three Small Pieces for guitar performed by the one and only maestro. I had originally stumbled upon this two-disc set at a Border’s nearby my house during my senior year of high school. My plans to attend USC (Univ. of Southern California) as a classical guitar major had been finalized, yet I knew very little about the maestro and guitar faculty there in general. Only when I got home and listened to this CD, did I know what I had really gotten myself into! I was utterly mesmerized and flat out blown away (in fact, I still am!). Throughout the four years I spent there, my admiration for the maestro only grew exponentially.

This recording is a fine example of his bona fide artistry and encapsulates the essence of his expressive aesthetics. He conveys a superlative balance between intensity and refinement rarely found in any performing artist. The perfect fit for Rodrigo’s simplistic and minimal style of Spanish art music. The highly articulate rasgueados (percussive strumming) and scales of the outer sections are set in contrast to the more lyrical and mysterious mood of the middle section. The variety of rasgueados alone, makes this recording beyond impressive from a technical and expressive point of view.

If you enjoyed this recording, please support and respect the artist’s work by purchasing the recording (Amazon).

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One Comment on “Romero plays Rodrigo”

  1. Robert says:

    Rodrigo is a great guitar composer. But his works are often really challenging!

    There are some good young performers today also, playing Rodrigo:

    And an outstanding (possible the best) performance of Invocación y Danza is by Alirio Diaz.
    Rodrigo dedicated it to Diaz, who performs it in away, that is still unmatched in interpretive brilliance.


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