PR Wins 2nd Place – Eastman New Venture Challenge

Unfortunately, school has consumed my life for the past few weeks and I haven’t been able to put time into the Plucker Report. But now, school is over and summer is here! I can finally put my energy full force back into PR. Expect some good episodes around the corner. In less than two months I’ll be at the GFA Convention down in Georgia as a volunteer doing various things including recording (audio/video) the final rounds of the competition.

More good news… The Plucker Report is already an award winning web show/blog! PR has snagged the 2nd place prize ($750) at the Eastman New Venture Challenge. I’ll be putting the money towards upgrading my gear so that I can bring you higher quality shows in the future! Also, the money will cover the small expenses of running the website and keeping it ad-free and not-for-profit. You won’t be bombarded by unnecessary and annoying ads!

Spread the word and let all your classical guitar friends, colleagues, teachers, and students know about PR!


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